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Folkloric rites and customs

Folkloric rites and customs form a part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage, They are closely related to the way of life and the traditional link of Bulgarians with the land and agriculture. Some draw inspiration from traditional beliefs and superstitions, others from Orthodox Christianity. However, all bring joy and make for enjoyable social and family gatherings.

An example of alternative and entertaining way of spending the remainder of your leisure time in Bulgaria after visiting the places of historical interest on the tour or, indeed between these visits, you could either watch or take part in the genuine euphoria of folklore festivals and shows, jamborees and fairs:

Regional Jamboree of the Thracian Societies of the Varna Region is held in Asparuhovo at the end of June. This is event is not a competition but rather provides a free stage for a one-day celebration of authentic folklore. The villagers from 16 villages around Varna meet there annually. The number of participants varies from year to year. Visitors to the jamboree may not only watch the performances but try their hand at bagpipe and/or traditional Bulgarian flute playing, join the traditional dance line and submerge into the traditional customs of Thracian Bulgarians. If reservation is made in advance a traditional hot ember walking a traditional Bulgarian dance on hot embers imbued with the cult symbolism of the Indo-European culture related to the regenerating power of fire, can be organised. Our recommendation is that visitors refrain fron taking part in the show because it is only performed by professional dancers. 

Address: 61 Wladislaw Varnenchik Blvd., Captain petko Voivoda Thracian Society;  Secretary: Ms Roumyana Valcheva;  tel.: + 359 52 / 613 687

Saint Basils (Vasil) Eve On 1st January in Golitsa Village the Camels rite is performed a new years demon chasing ritual. 

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