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Natural Science Museum in Varna

Your pleasant walk in this wonderful park would not be complete, unless you visit and enjoy the Natural Science Museum in Varna, submerged in greenery. The firstmuseum exhibition was opened in 1962 in a building located in the Sea Garden. Museum funds comprise more than 20 000 exponents, categorized in sections titled Geology, Plants and Animal World of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It can be reached by busses No. 409, 9 and 14 and along the highway leading to Golden Sands resort or on foot along the quiet and beautiful alleys of the Sea Garden.

Address: Varna 9000, Sea Garden 13, P.O.Box. 173, tel.: + 359 52 / 618 011, www.varna-bg.сom

Working hours:
Summer (04.05 - 31.07): 10 - 18 h., closed on Monday
Winter (01.11 - 03.05): 10 - 17 h, closed on Saturday and Sunday

Lecture 1: History and structure of the museum, content of the museum exhibition by sections. The lecture is presented in the Museum halls.
Duration: 15 min.

Lecture 2: History and structure of the museum, content of the museum exhibition by sections and acquaintance with the special features of flora and fauna and the geological past of the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The lecture will be read in the museum halls.
Duration: 30 min.

Lecture 3: History and structure of the museum. Presentation on the contents of the museum exhibition and the exhibited typical representatives of the flora and fauna living in Bulgarian Black Sea coastal area. The lecture is read in the halls of the museum.
Duration: 45 min.

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