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National Naval Force Museum

National Naval Force Museum hosts a permanent exhibition called "History of combat and commercial fleet in Bulgaria from 1878 until modern times". The building was constructed in 1890 for the Italian consul Asereto and has an area of 416 square meters. The exhibition is in the open air on an are of 3000 square meters. The most interesting part of the collection is the torpedo boat called Drazki, which sank the Turkish cruiser Hamidie. That is the only ship of this type which has been preserved to the present day and is fully reconstructed. Visitors can also see anchors and debris of ships from different epochs.

Address: Varna 9000, 2 Primorski blvd., tel.: + 359 52 / 633 015, 633 016, e-mail:,

Working hours:

Summer: 04.05 - 31.07 from 10,30 h. until 18,00 h.,
Winter: 01.11 - 03.05 from 08,30 until 17,00 h.,
Closed on: Saturday and Sunday in winter, works all days in summer.

Last updated: 19.01.2005