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Museum of Varna History

Close to the Roman Thermal Baths is the Museum of Varna History with its permanent exhibition: economics, culture and city everyday life from 1878 until 1945.
The best part of the collections: exponents and documents showing the first Music Weeks in Varna, since 1926, which later became international events; part of the equipment of the first cotton spinning factory; models of the first ships built in Varna; reconstruction of the first craft ateliers, shops, buildings, furniture from the 20s and 30s of the 20th century; collections of post cards from Old Varna; documents and archives, textbooks and publications, promotional materials and brochures of the Blaskov bookstore and printing workshop and of international economic exhibitions.

Working hours: 10 - 17 h., closed on: Saturday and Sunday in winter and Monday in summer.

Address: Varna 9000, 8th November Str. 3, tel.: + 359 52 / 632 677, 237 062

Lecture 1: The Old Streets of Varna XIX-XX C.
Duration: 15 min.

Lecture 2: Varna – European Cultural and Resort Center XIX-XX C.
Duration: 30 min.

Lecture 3: Varna – resort, cultural, port, trade and industrial center XIX-XX C.
Duration: 30 min.

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