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Educational Museum

The Training Museum is part of the exhibition of the ArcheologicalMuseum in Varna and the only one of this kind in Bulgaria. It was opened in 1986. The museum exhibition is accessible and attractive for visitors (both children and adults), enriches their knowledge of the past and provokes interest to history and archeology. The museum exhibits rebuilt pre-historical dwellings, Slav semi dug-outs and proto-Bulgarian tents, craftsmen instruments and household items, etc. The cultural and animation programmes of the museum present people's life in different historical epochs. With the help of museum specialists visitors can light a fire in a primitive way, make and decorate pottery employing ancient technologies, etc. The museum can host specialized courses for tour operators, tourist guide practices, animators, thematic seminars, practical science and educational training of students and culture and entertainment events for tourists.

Address: Varna 9000, 41 Maria Louisa blvd., telephone: + 359 52 / 681 039, information desk: + 359 52 / 681 030; fax: + 359 52 / 681 025, e-mail:

Working hours:
Winter: 10 - 17 h., holidays: Sunday and Monday;
Summer: 10 - 17 h., holidays: Monday

Animation / Lecture 1: The life of proto-Bulgarians and Slavs.
Duration: 15 minutes.

Animation / Lecture 2: The life people in pre-historic times.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Animation / Lecture 3: Varna Halcolitic Necropolis.
Duration: 60 min.

Last updated: 19.01.2005