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Archaeological museum

The starting point of our tour is the Archaeological museum in Varna. The palazzo style architectural monument was constructed in 1892 1898 following the design of the Bulgarian architect Petko Momchilov. It is located in the city administrative center, close to the Municipality and within walking distance from the central square with the cathedral. It can be reached by busses No. 409, 109, 9, 14, 148, 7, 51 and 31. The museum was established in 1888 by the founders of Bulgarian archaeology, the Czech brothers Carel and Hermin Skorpil. Over 120 years of existence it won recognition as one of the largest science institutes in Bulgaria. It collects, keeps and popularizes the cultural and historical heritage of the tribes and peoples which used to live in the lands of modern North-Eastern Bulgaria in ancient times. Museum's funds and exhibitions, where more than 100 000 archaeological monuments are kept is located on an are of almost 7 dca. in the most impressive building in Varna, which has the status of an architectural monument. Museum exhibitions comprise unique findings the oldest processed gold in the world, found while researching the Varna Halcolitic Necropolis (5000 BC) announced to be the "archeological discovery" of 20th century by scientists. The largest in Bulgaria collections: treasures of gold and silver jewels, the only large collection of coins and the second largest icon exhibition, the largest collection of Antique clay and bronze statuettes, lamps, etc.

Address: Varna 9000, 41 Maria Louisa blvd, telephone: tel. exchange: + 359 52 / 681 011, information desk: + 359 52 / 681 030; fax: + 359 52 / 681 025; -mail:

Working hours:
Winter: 10 - 17 h., holidays: Sunday and Monday;
Summer: 10 17 h., holidays: Monday

Lecture 1: The oldest processed gold in the world Varna Halcolitic Necropolis (4 600 4 200 BC) and the roots of European Civilization.
Duration: 20 min. Halls 5-7

Lecture 2: Antique Odessos (V century BC. - V century.) The birth of the European city.Duration: 40 min. Halls 8-18

Lecture 3: Medieval Varna. Halls 24-29; Christian Art V - V century.
90 min. Halls 31-37

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