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Pobiti Kamani (the Fossil Forest)

Pobiti Kamani (the Fossil Forest) is situated 18 kilometers to the north of Varna.  The fossil formations are said to have appeared over 50 million years ago - the result of erosion processes.  The picturesque shapes that look almost like the work of a sculptor are an important site, which has been proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO List of unique geological formations.  Apart from the fossil formations a number of rare ornamental shrubs and trees.  Diverse flora abounds in the yellow-golden sands.  Animal species feature 21 types of birds, 7 reptiles and 7 mammals. 

The enchanted stone forest, the legends and myths passed down to generations by word of mouth and the close proximity of the nature reserve to busy towns and convenient roads make it a preferred and interesting tourist site.  Many historical movies and westerns have been filmed on the location, among which Doomed Souls and Oceola.  Some episodes of the movie Vercingetorix starring Christophe Lambert were also filmed there. 

Guided Tour 1: Location and composition of the Fossil Forest nature phenomenon.  Geological features and the most probably hypothesis of its origin.  On-site guided tour.
Duration:          15 min

Guided Tour 2: Location, composition, geological history and features of the Fossil Forest.  Some of the more intriguing hypotheses of the phenomenon's origin.  Brief introduction to the surroundings and organic composition of the fossils.  On-site guided tour. 
Duration:          30 min

Guided Tour 3: Location and composition of the Fossil Forest, origin, surroundings and organic composition of the nature phenomenon.  On-site guided tour. 
Duration:          45 min

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