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Aladzha Monastery

Aladja Monastery, one of the most famous Medieval rock monasteries in Bulgaria, is definitely one of the highlights of the three-day itinerary.  Between 13th and 14th century AD hermits lived there.  Aladja Monastery, which at present is a museum and national monument of culture, is tucked away high in Golden Sands Nature Park, 14 km to the north-east of Varna and 3,5 km to the west of Golden Sands.  There is a regular bus service from the central bust station opposite the Cathedral in Varna (Bus 29) and the monastery is within easy reach by car or taxi either from Varna or the centre of Golden Sands along a first-class road.  For those who fancy a spot of walking the management of Golden Sands has provided a well-kept pathway, which winds its way up to the monastery through the surrounding forest.  The striking architectural features of the monastery, its beautiful surroundings and the legends of mysterious treasures and ghosts of monks roaming freely among the ruins all contribute to the monastery's reputation as a place of mystery and intrigue apart from being an excellent spot for tourism.  In immediate proximity to the monastery a three-storey museum has been built where apart from the objects telling the history of the monastery on permanent display, one may see a number of annually organised exhibitions of interest. 

Varna 9000
Golden Sands Nature Park
Tel.:  + 359 52 / 355 460, 681 012

Working Hours:
(Winder)          09:00-16:00 (closed on Sat&Sun)
(Summer)         09:00-18:00 (open on all days)

Guided Tour 1: The Medieval Rock Aladja Monastery (13th-14th century AD)
Duration: 20 min

Guided Tour 2: Aladja Monastery – Studies, Myths, Legends
Duration: 40 min

Guided Tour 3: A Monastery Come Alive
Duration: 60 min

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